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I'm here to share knowledge and experience.

A Little About Jessica...

As an LPC-MHSP and owner and CEO of Smith Behavioral Health and Wellness, I am passionate about helping people flourish and thrive. With six years of experience in private practice, I have learned valuable lessons that I am eager to share with fellow therapists. My consulting and mentoring services are designed to help you refine your practice, develop effective strategies, and support your personal and professional growth. If you're looking to take your clinical practice to the next level, I am here to help.

My Story

My journey in the counseling field began 14 years ago. After graduating from my Master's program I took a position as crisis counselor.  The job was challenging and allowed me to truly merge knowledge with experience. I later moved on to work with children in community mental health. Before starting Smith Behavioral Health and Wellness, I worked at a small group practice here in Middle Tennessee before taking a position at a university helping students in their student health department. I never saw myself being in private practice. As a matter fact it was the furthest thing from my mind. In 2018 I knew it was my next step for a few reasons. I was at a point in my counseling career where I had worked in so many settings and with so many populations.  I wanted to progress and be challenged.  In 2018 I started my private practice in Tennessee. In 2020 I became licensed in Kentucky. In 2020 I hired my first employee to begin making my solo practice a group practice.  I wanted to create a space for people to practice and learn. Most of all I wanted to create a space for clinicians to be held accountable to stay on track to get their license, a place where people could be supported as therapists at all levels, and a place where budding and experienced therapists can grow.

Jessica Smith Clinical Supervision, Mentoring, and Consulting is all about advancing the profession of counseling, and helping therapists to understand their strengths.  It is also about helping budding therapists learn, be challenged, and be confident as they work with clients to earn their license.  I am beyond excited for this offering to share my knowledge, clinical expertise, experience, and skills as a clinical supervisor, consultant, and mentor.

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it.

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